Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs - Endocrinologist  
Should I Call If I Cannot Come?
Yes, most definitely.

The length of the waiting list is partly due to late cancellations and individuals who do not appear for their appointment at all. A late cancellation or a no-show means that the appointment slot went unused, and no one was seen.

If you call at least several days in advance to cancel, it MAY be possible for someone else to be moved up into your original appointment slot, and for you to be rebooked within a few weeks (that is, essentially swapping appointment slots with someone else who is booked at a later date).

If you do not cancel in advance or if you cancel on the same day as the appointment, you will normally NOT be rebooked. This policy has been enacted due to the fact that too many individuals who do not show for the initial appointment also fail to appear for the rebooked appointment. A letter of explanation is always sent to the referring doctor (usually your family physician) to state that the appointment was not kept and why it will not be rebooked.

We realize that you may have missed your appointment due to personal emergency or illness. In such instances, we will make every effort to fit you into the next available cancelled appointment slot. Owing to the length of the waiting list, that next available appointment may still be 6 months or more away.