Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs - Endocrinologist  
New referrals to the Osteoporosis Clinic will receive a questionnaire, a urine test requisition, and a blood test requisition in the mail. The questionnaire requests detailed information about your risk factors for osteoporosis, your medical history, current medications, and your current diet. The blood tests screen for some of the common secondary causes of osteoporosis. One of the blood tests, together with the urine test, are "bone markers" that may indicate how quickly someone is losing bone. The questionnaire, blood tests, and urine test MUST be completed and returned several weeks prior to your appointment. All patients referred to the Osteoporosis Clinic must also have had a bone mineral density test done previously, and this will be clarified with your referring physician before the appointment is made. Due to the volume of referrals to this clinic, NO appointments will be booked for patients who have NOT yet had a bone mineral density test.

New referrals to the Endocrinology clinic normally do not have specific tests arranged by us prior to the first clinic visit. HOWEVER, it is to your own benefit to ask your doctor to REPEAT relevant blood tests in the several weeks prior to your first appointment (eg, thyroid levels if you have a thyroid problem, A1c and fasting glucose if you have diabetes, etc). This is especially important if many months have elapsed between the time your doctor referred you and the actual date of your appointment. Also, if your blood tests were done at clinics or hospitals outside of St. John's, the test results may not be available to us unless your doctor has sent copies to us. It would be very useful for you to check with your doctor's office to make certain that all relevant test results were forwarded to us, or to ask that you be given copies of your test results to bring to the clinic yourself.

ALL INDIVIDUALS WITH DIABETES MUST HAVE A GLUCOMETER DIARY (BLOOD SUGAR DIARY / RECORD) WITH THEM AT THEIR FIRST APPOINTMENT AND EVERY RETURN APPOINTMENT THEREAFTER. Without your blood sugar readings at hand to review, it is impossible to give specific advice about changing doses of the medications or insulin used to treat your diabetes. It is NOT sufficient to bring your glucometer alone; you must either have a print out of the glucometer readings downloaded from your glucometer, or a hand-written record of your glucometer readings charted in a diary format.

Some individuals referred to the Endocrinology Clinic will be contacted directly if certain tests (eg thyroid scan & uptake) are needed in advance of their first appointment.

For individuals travelling great distances (eg from Labrador, St. Anthony, etc.) every attempt will be made to book tests around the time of your first appointment, and your return appointment. This is not always possible due to waiting lists for the various possible tests (eg MRI, CT scan, etc), and also because certain tests cannot be ordered until after you have been assessed.